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Court #1962 of the Catholic Daughters of the America was installed at Sacred Heart Parish on Wednesday, March 23, 1966 with thirty-six local ladies becoming Charter Members.  

     The installation was preceded by low Mass, at which the Rev. Harry Mazurkiewicz was the celebrant.  Rt. Rev. Msgr. S.A. Zientek led the procession into church.  The State Regent Loreta Knebel of El Campo, the District Deputy of District 11 Millie Schuirring of Garwood, and the members of the Degree Team of Court St. Michael of Weimar followed along with the local candidates.

     After the Mass the group proceeded to the school auditorium where the reception ceremonies were conducted by the degree team.  Immediately following the reception the new court chose the following officers: 

  • Grand Regent, Betty Janecek

  • Vice Grand Regent, Evelyn Ulbrich

  • Prophetess, Helen Hanacek

  • Lecturer, Lillie Russel

  • Historian, Kay Zapalac

  • Financial Secretary, Louise Homuth

  • Monitor, Helen Yates

  • Treasurer, Anna Mae Hajovsky

  • Sentinel, Polly Supak

  • Organist, Patricia Sandera

  • Trustees for Three Years:
    Doris Lidiak and Bernice Lobpries

  • Trustees for Two Years: 
    Agnes Struve and Annie Weikel

  • Trustees for One Year: 
    Alvina Engbrock and Marie Kovar.


After the election, the court selected three options to be submitted to the national CDA office as possible patron names: Annunciation, St. Gabriel, or St. Stanislaus.  The national office had the final say in the naming of the court so that there would be no duplication of names within the country.  Chosen for the La Grange court was the name Annunciation.    

      In addition to the officers, women joining the local court as charter members included:  Henrietta Adamcik, Rose Marie Adamcik, Lorine Bertsch, Evelyn Bippert, Albina Bambuch, Emily Cernoch, Mary Goerig, Liola Kallus, Rita Kallus, Bernice Kana, Viola Legler, Cecilia Lidiak, Mary Prilop, Elsie Seidel, Kathleen Seidel, Emilie Sulak, Annie Svoboda, Bernice Svrcek, Bessie Trlicek, and Lillie Zapalac. 


The newly elected officers of Court Annunciation #1962 were installed by Mrs. Schuirring at their first meeting held on Wednesday, March 30, 1966.  The group decided to do the following:  

  • have the mortuary fund be started at $50.00

  • hold regular meetings on the fourth Thursday of each month

  • accept the Knights of Columbus' invitation to use their meeting room for CDA meetings

  • appointed Viola Legler and Liola Kallus to head the Ways and Means Committee

  • plan for a bake sale to be held on the square on Saturday May 7

    • give away two decorated cakes at the Mothers Day bake sale

  • the singing at the meetings would be led by Rita Kallus.

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